There's a Radio in my Head

Sunday, January 29, 2006

There's always been a radio in my head

Sometimes I have to concentrate on something really hard to make the music stop playing. I don't know if that's normal or not, and don't care either way. I love music - always have - and I think it's healthy to have a song in my heart during most of my waking hours.

So it's time to blog about the radio in my head, and about some of the things that often pop in there and displace the music.

Inspiration for this comes from Sally, better known to some as fixpert, who posted an entry on her blog recently about the insidious trend of TV commercials featuring actual songs (or worse, actual songs with new commercial lyrics):

I think Motown was particularly hard-hit by this phenomenon, and lately it seems that classic rock has invaded the American car commercials.

It's just as bad at the movies. It's getting more and more common for popular movies to have soundtracks almost entirely populated by popular songs - not actual unique composed soundtracks. Shouldn't the commercial jingle and soundtrack composer's union be up in arms about this?

I've always loved radio. When I was very young, I had an old AM table radio - it was kind of clunky, made of brown Bake-lite (the super-hard plastic they used to make phones out of) and had a woven-insulation cord. I used to put it next to my pillow, and usually fell asleep while listening to WEAM or WPGC in suburban D.C.. I would say that's the radio in my head, but the radio in my head is certainly full-bodied perfect-soundstage stereophonic (and it's DEFINITELY analog, not digital).

What plays in the radio in my head?

Rock, Chicago blues, Delta blues, West coast blues, British blues, soul (Memphis, Philly, Muscle Shoals, and everything Motown prior to that unconscionable move to LA), salsa, pop, Beatles (they really are their own genre, don't you think?), jazz, gospel, doo wop, New Wave, big bands, jam bands, standards, country, reggae, spacy rock, show tunes, both Elvises, and almost anything else - but never rap. I'm just not a rap kind of guy. I just don't get it, I suppose.

Currently, the song inhabiting my head is "Tumblin' Dice," by the Rolling Stones. Only it's not the Exile on Main Street version, it's a live version from Brussels in 1973. There's no telling how long it will be playing.

Yes, the radio in my head does indeed play bootlegs. Doesn't yours?


  • Seriously!

    By Blogger Mizzter Moolah, at 2:33 AM  

  • You and your blues. Of course. I must say that the songs I most associate with you are "Anything You Want", (the Bonnie Raitt recorded version) and Eric Clapton's "No More Bad Love" (also not live and yes, a Clapton song!).

    By Blogger abeepos, at 11:05 AM  

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